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Virtual Reality Makes Your Life Easier

virtual reality

Buying home in itself is a huge deal, it can be both hectic and stressful at the same time. You may get your ideal place but in a wrong location, or maybe you get everything but the vastu is not right or maybe you don’t like the neighborhood and many other issues people face that often turn nightmarish.

Why Us?

We at Virtual Reality, has seen people struggle with various issues few of which we have mentioned above. Our target is to make your quest easier. Thus, we have agents all over Kolkata, Barrackpore, Kalyani, Howrah, Hooghly and others.

In case you need ready-made flat, you can get that with us. For example, you need a ready flat, we can offer you 1 BHK new flat in Barrackpore, 2 BHK new flat in Barrackpore, etc. Like this, with us you can get ready flat in any location you want.

Property Management

Managing a property is never an easy job, it becomes more difficult if you stay far or in abroad. With us you can get your property managed, sorted, rented or whatever else you want can be done irrespective of location.

Apart from buying, if you want to sale, our selling agents are there to find you your perfect customer.

If you require to buy or rent a commercial property, our commercial real estate agents are there all over Kolkata and other places to cater your need, whether to buy or sell, take in rent or give in rent, all are included.

Many people often want to resale their properties but fails to get legit customers who are ready to buy at a proper amount; which often costs people many things that are valuable. However, we help in reselling of properties and we have capable real estate agents for that as well. We help you in selling property that you find difficult to sale off for not getting proper amount, so that you can utilize your money instead of keeping it jammed.


Money is a complementary element when you deal in property. Especially, when you go to buy or take a place in rent, you need quite an amount of money. And to get money people opt for loan and we provide personal loan, home loan and mortgage loan as well.

We have personal loan agent, home loan agent, mortgage loan agent all over the places where our other services are available.

Our loan agents help you to make an easy and simple journey by taking care of paperwork, while maintaining transparency and legality for all three kinds of loans mentioned above.

Our loan facility is not restricted to residential property, rather it is available for commercial properties as well.

Our Aim

We aim to make peoples life easier because we know how important it is to get a proper place to stay so that your wellbeing never gets compromised. With the rapidly growing population getting which is never easy. So, take our hand and be happy.

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